Autonomous vehicle trip analysis infrastructure, data transfer, and dashboard

Project by Gabriel


Trip data from autonomous driving in its raw form is stored in something called a rosbag (ROS is Robot Operating System). The goal of this project was to take the data in its raw form, process it and store it in a lighter form, then create a front end analysis tool which can view trips on a map, view various events which occurred in the trip, and get information about the vehicle (such as speed, wheel, gas and break positions, etc). From this tool you could then export smaller parts of the trip.



  • Learn ROS from scratch
  • Learn CouchDB from scratch
  • Learn Angular 7 (not entirely from scratch)
  • Deliver results in a relatively chaotic start-up environment with minimal guidance


Achievements (according to KPIs)

  • Fully reactive Angular 7 front-end with KPIs and Trip Analysis tool
  • Delivered Python scripts which unpack rosbag files and store trips in CouchDB
  • Websocket-based server for export of rosbags


Further development

More advanced notification system, more advanced trip filters, automated end-to-end uploading and storage of data.

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