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    ITC’s Full-Stack Development program is for driven and motivated professionals who wish to launch a new career as programmers in the Israeli hi-tech industry.

    • Applicants should hold an academic degree. If one doesn’t hold an academic degree, they should have a working experience that demonstrates excellence in their current occupation, and a proven ability to study
    • Applicants must be proficient in reading and writing in English
    • Applicants must demonstrate strong logic, problem solving, and analytical skills
    • The program is open to applicants from all countries and nationalities with the expectation that applicants will be responsible for their own visa
    Implementation Developer
    Web Developer


    • HTML & CSS
    • Bootstrap & responsive design
    • JavaScript
    • GIT
    • React.js
    • ES6
    • And more…


    • Node.js
    • SQL(MySQL)
    • NoSQL (MongoDB)
    • Express.js
    • APIs
    • And more…


    1 MONTH
    Mandatory HTML, CSS, and JavaScript independent course that will prepare you for the program and introduce you to the methods we’ll be using in the course.

    This means the program registration deadline is 3 weeks before on-campus / online classes start.
    Learn Front End and Back End programming using the MERN Stack. Full-time studies are 3 months long. Part-time studies are 7 months.
    We’ll provide you with projects and put your knowledge to the test with exciting hackathons and group projects.
    2 MONTHS
    Get hands-on experience working on a full-time project in leading high-tech startups and companies.

    During this project, you’ll gain invaluable industry experience that will help kick off your new career as a Junior Full-Stack Developer.
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    Molly Cohen

    Head of Programs

    Mor Mika Krengel itc


    Full-stack Development
    Program Manager


    Yonatan Bendahan

    Tech Lead

    yonatan salmon


    Tech Mentor & Lecturer

    Zohar Suslovich


    Tech Mentor & Lecturer

    lior barak


    Tech Mentor & Lecturer

    ben levi


    Tech Mentor & Lecturer

    Tomer Pearl


    Tech Mentor & Lecturer

    Get a glimpse into one of the Full Stack Development projects

    After an intensive period of learning the ins and outs of coding, many of our graduates find work as full-stack developers,  front-end developers, or back-end developers in top hi-tech companies.

    Talia’s Internship at Atidot




    • Submitting your application to ITC’s enrollment team
    • Solving a short online test, that will examine your ability to understand and process information
    • Passing an English test and motivational screening
    • Personal phone interview with the Program Manager
    • Independent-study Pre Course and assignment
    • Pre Course submission and technical interview

    The data-full stack development program at ITC’s Tel Aviv campus is intended to assemble talented tech-savvy individuals that see it as a unique opportunity to launch a career in tech. However, one more important aspect of being a part of the program has to do with your motivation to become part of the tech community; alongside career opportunities Israel has to offer, the program aims to provide you with educational activities, extra-curricular lectures, and trips around the country for Masa participants. We find these activities to be very helpful in terms of breaking the routine and forming strong friendships between the students.

    Full-Stack Development
    Oct 16, 2023 - Mar 2024
    Application Deadline - September 27, 2023

    26,500 ILS

    Part-time Full-Stack Development
    Dec 17, 2023 - Aug 2024
    Application Deadline - November 26, 2023

    18,500 ILS without project

    Financial Assistance:

    • Sachal שכ”ל – Free-loans: bank-backed student loans where ITC covers the interest and indexation differences. For Israeli citizens without dual-citizenship with the USA only.
    • Excellence Scholarships: Scholarships of up to 3,000₪ ILS for exceptional candidates, based on their experience, credentials, and achievements in the screening process. Candidates may apply for a scholarship after completing the screening process. Read More >>
    • Masa grants, starting from $3,000, for qualifying non-Israeli citizens and residents. Read more >>
    • Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption grants  – Training voucher for new immigrants in the amount of 7,000 ₪ ILS . Read more >>
    • Jerusalem Resident Olim – If it’s been less than 1.5 years since you made Aliyah and you are a resident of Jerusalem, you have qualify for 5,000 ILS discount on tuition. Can be combined with Ministry of Aliyah grants. Ask your enrollment manager for details
    • Early Bird discounts – if you complete the screening and application process four months before class starts, you may qualify for 1,000 ILS discount. If two months before, the discount is 500 ILS. Some restrictions apply.  Cannot be combined with ISA. 
    Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Israel with ITC

    Our application process is very selective. We evaluate learning potential, experience, motivation, and more to help judge if each applicant is a good fit for our program and if our program is a good fit for them.

    We require each applicant to fill out our initial application form, take an online test, and interview with our Program Manager. Following this, you will need to complete a pre-course and undergo a technical interview with one of our Technical Mentors.

    Nope! This program is geared towards beginners and people with no previous experience in coding.

    No, coding requires logical thinking but no math skill.

    The pre-course has two functions – it acts as both the final stage in the application process, and helps prepare all incoming students for the program.

    It is also a great opportunity for applicants to get a sneak peek into the type of material we will be learning in the course and see if it is the right fit for them.

    Full-time Program:

    Sunday – Thursday 9 AM – 6 PM

    All lectures will be given frontally on campus.

    ITC’s campus is located at Shoken 18, Tel Aviv, and is open Sunday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 10 PM.


    Part-time Program:

    Sunday and Wednesday 6 PM – 9 PM

    Friday 9 AM – 12 PM

    Office Hours will be held Mondays and Tuesdays evenings from 4 PM – 9 PM

    All lectures will be given over Zoom. Students are welcome to come to ITC’s campus to study. The campus is located at Shoken 18, Tel Aviv, and is open Sunday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 10 PM.

    Full-time Program:

    The course is very intensive – 5 days a week from morning to evening with mandatory attendance. Students will be expected to meet all course deadlines, utilizing both in-class work time and their time outside of class. For this reason, the full-time program is not suitable to be combined with work.


    Part-time Program:

    The course is very intensive – 3 days a week (twice in the evening and on Friday morning) with mandatory attendance. Students will be expected to meet all course deadlines, utilizing both in-class work time and their time outside of class. As the program is part-time, students are able to combine with work and are responsible for their own time management outside of class hours.

    Yes, there are 4 exams throughout the program which students will need to pass in order to move on to the next unit in the program. We call these exams “Checkpoints”.

    Yes! Students will complete the program with 2-3 Full-Stack projects, one of which will be a product of our Hackathon, in partnership with our Data Science students.

    The Project phase is an opportunity to work in a high-tech company or startup for a 2 month period of time on a project that the company builds for our students. Students will gain invaluable industry experience and begin building their professional network.

    Full-time Program:

    Yes! If you pass all four checkpoints and make it to the end of the program, you will qualify to be placed in a project. Each company has its own interview process for their project, and students must pass this interview in order to begin their project.


    Part-time Program:

    Students can apply for the project phase at the end of the program.

    Students who wish to qualify for the project must pass all four checkpoints and receive above an 85% on the final exam.

    Students who wish to participate in the project will be required to pay an additional fee (see cost chart above).

    Each company has its own interview process for their project, and students must pass this interview in order to begin their project.

    Yes! Students who participated in the project’s phase of the program will be eligible to participate in the Post Graduation Program. ITC is proud to offer this 6-month program which will begin right after the project phase and consists of groups sessions, workshops, personal meetings and guidance – all geared towards helping you land that first job.

    The Full-Stack program costs 26,500 ILS.

    ITC is proud to maintain a high mentor-to-student ratio. Having this allows us to give students individual attention and assistance. Retraining for a new career in less than a year isn’t easy, so it’s our job at ITC is to make sure students are getting the best tools and assistance the industry has to offer. This includes our industry engagement team, whose job is to provide students with real-world opportunities throughout the program and as graduates.


    At ITC we believe that cost should not be a barrier to entering the Full-Stack industry. For this reason, we are proud to be able to offer multiple choices for financial assistance and various payment plans. Please refer to the payment section above for more details.