ITC Scholarships Program

Israel Tech Challenge (ITC) is firmly committed to admitting the most highly qualified students who apply to its programs, without regard for their financial circumstances. We currently offer our applicants three types of scholarships and constantly working on developing more ways to assist exceptional applicants to take part in our training courses.

Excellence Scholarships

Granted by: ITC

To whom: Exceptional candidates who apply to ITC’s Fellows program

Amount: Up to 20,000 NIS

How to apply: Candidates will receive information regarding the application process for the scholarship after acceptance.

ITC is happy to offer Excellence Scholarships of up to 20,000 NIS, for the ITC Fellows program. All applicants may apply after being accepted to one of the program’s three tracks: Data Science, Cyber Security and Design Verification Engineering. The scholarship amount will be determined by an ITC committee, according to the following criteria:

  • Academic background – Academic Institutions, type of degrees, fields of study and GPA
  • Relevant work experience
  • Achievements in the program’s screening process
  • Other relevant credentials

“I came to ITC to improve my skillset and discover the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. Through this program I’m becoming a Data Scientist and constantly growing, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the scholarship I received.”

Simon Kern, 

Fellows program student


Masa Scholarships

Granted by: Masa Israel Journey

To whom: Foreign citizens who are eligible for an Israeli citizenship according to the Israeli government / Law of return, are between the ages of 18-30, and who have not participated in other organized programs in Israel in the past or spent 4 consecutive months or longer in Israel within the 24 month period prior to the start of the ITC program. Check your eligibility here >>

Amount: Fellows program – Starting at 4,500$ | Coding Bootcamp – starting at 3,000$

How to apply: After being accepted to one of ITC’s programs, applicants may apply for the grant through the Masa website

ITC Fellows program and Coding Bootcamp are considered Masa programs and thus our foreign students can apply for Masa grants. Please note that students who are eligible for the grant can apply for additional need-based financial aid depending on their country of origin and income.



“Coming to ITC on a MASA scholarship allowed me to concentrate all my energies in studying hard and giving my best to excel during the course, as I knew that economically I was being taken care of. When somebody is giving you an opportunity like this one, the way I see it, you have the obligation to squeeze it to the fullest and be your best version”

Alex Ingberg, 

Fellows program student


New Immigrants Scholarships

Granted by: The Israeli ministry of Aliyah and Integration

To whom: New immigrants and returning citizens who are applying to ITC’s Fellows program or Coding Bootcamp

Amount: 7,000 NIS

How to apply: After being accepted to one of ITC’s programs, applicant may submit a request to their designated ministry of Aliyah and Integration branch, in order to receive the voucher.

The Israeli ministry of Aliyah and Integration (“Misrad Haklita”) offers new immigrants and returning citizens a Voucher Project in order to assist them financially to participate in professional training. The sum of the assistance that is relevant for ITC courses is 7,000 NIS (the highest amount possible). Those eligible for income assistance during their first year of Aliyah are also entitled to the voucher assistance.


For more information or questions regarding scholarships please contact