• Host participants for projects at your company
  • Conduct workshops for our students at the ITC campus
  • Scout and hire the very best of ITC’s graduates
  • Invite ITC participants for company tours

Meet some of our very own

Our graduates have a strong academic background from leading universities across the world. They go through a selective screening process and a very demanding program, and end up working in development roles that require 0-2 years of experience.


Our programs are built in partnership with leading companies in various domains. By taking part in designing the course curriculum and participating in the training, your company will:

  • Ensure the skills taught meet your specific requirements for new employees
  • See the students “in action” and evaluate their potential to match your teams

Industry workshops and projects provide companies with a unique opportunity to  scout for the next best talent and expose the new generation to the company, technologies and team. 

Through this hands-on experience, participants arrive better prepared when they land the job in your company.




Our graduates work in these top high-tech companies, and more.


February - August 2020 Cohort

Data Science & Machine Learning
Workshop Dates
June 2020
Project Dates
July 5th - August 6th
Available for Hire

Starting September 2020

Full Stack Development
May 2020
June 7th - August 6th

Starting September 2020

May - October 2020 Cohort

Data Science & Machine Learning
Workshop Dates
June 2020
Project Dates
July 5th - August 6th, 2020
Available for Hire

Starting August 2020

Full-Stack Development
June 2020
June 7th - August 6th, 2020

Starting August 2020

Data Science & Machine Learning
September 2020
September 29th - November 5th, 2020

Starting December 2020

Full-Stack Development
August 2020
September 6th - November 5th, 2020

Starting December 2020

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ITC’s programs are highly selective. Eligible candidates go through rigorous online tests that include coding proficiency, followed by a personal and professional interview and a pre-course. Only sharp, talented and highly motivated candidates, that have an impressive academic background are accepted. Some participants are expelled during the course if they don’t meet academic requirements.

Our graduates differ in background and experience, however, they all have the capacity to enter development roles that require 1-2 years of experience. Although some have not worked in relevant roles in the industry before coming to ITC, our programs enable them to bring value to their teams very quickly. ITC has proven this with its graduates time and again with many of Israel’s leading companies.

Position types depend on the program. Please check the program pages to see what programs are currently available. ITC graduates have been placed in roles such as: Data Scientist, Algorithm Engineer, ML Expert, Cyber Security Researcher, Front-End/Back-End/Full-Stack Developer, Hardware Engineer and others.

ITC is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is focused on meeting the needs of the industry. Partner companies receive an HR service to assist in finding the best fitting candidates among the participants.
ITC is backed by philanthropic organizations and government grants.

ITC is unique in several ways:

We are entirely focused on the industry’s needs and measure our success based on the types of roles that our graduates land. Our business model supports this.

We are very selective. Only participants that we are sure can become excellent developers get to graduate.

We have the most industry-integrated programs in the market. Around a third of the content in our programs is delivered by our partner companies.

We have a global reach for talent. Our programs are taught in English and around half of our participants come from abroad to study and then work in Israel.