Join us at exciting and insightful meet-ups, workshops, webinars and info sessions throughout the year! Our events are hosted by experts in their fields and open to anyone interested in expanding their skillsets. We also sponsor events in the industry that are aligned with our mission – we invite you to join these events as well.

Interested in hosting an event/meet-up with us?
Located in the south of Tel-Aviv, the ITC campus is your playground to host events. We have a board room for all kinds of meetings, large classrooms and an attractive rooftop with a view to the sea and gorgeous Tel-Aviv sunsets. Do not hesitate to email us at info@itc.tech with the details of your event.

Upcoming Events

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ITC Open House

ITC Open House

Mon, August 23rd, 16:30 Campus tour
The campus tour will include a meet & greet with our instructors and the ITC team, as well as an opportunity to meet current students and a session with an industry specialist about how to transition into Hi-Tech!
Sign up today (due to health guidelines, limited tickets available!)

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    Past Events

    CHOOSE: Cyber SOC Analyst or Full Stack Developer

    May 9th 20:30 Info sessions over Zoom
    Which career path is right for you: Cyber SOC analyst or Full-Stack Developer? Join us May 31st to hear which of the two programs for beginners is more suitable for you
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    LAST CHANCE TO APPLY: Data Science & Machine Learning

    May 10th 20:30 Info sessions over Zoom
    The next Data Science Fellows program starts May 31st, here's your chance to ask any last minute questions and apply for this career-changing program.
    Sign up and get Zoom link.

    HACK YOUR FUTURE: Open House

    March 7th, 18:00 - 21:30 Info sessions over Zoom
    Learn about the different ITC programs: Full-Stack Development, Data Science, Cyber SOC Analyst, and the Free for Olim programs and how they fit with your life goals.
    Sign up and request Zoom link.

    Salon Massa Virtuel

    La date de ce salon a été fixée au Dimanche 31 janvier de 10h à 19h.
    Join us online for Masa Israel Journey info session about all Masa program. The event will take place in English.
    Join the Salon Massa Virtuel

    HACK YOUR FUTURE: Q&A with Program Directors

    RECORDINGS of Zoom Meetings
    Learn about the different ITC programs and how they fit with your life goals.
    See what you missed: Recording of info sessions available here.


    December 29th, 2020 at 18:30 Israel (11:30 AM EST) - Register here

    ITC is opening its courses in the Negev. Here's a great opportunity to hear about how ITC helps you launch or upgrade your career in the Southern Israeli high-tech industry. Register for the zoom event.

    INFO SESSIONS: Full Stack Dev. & Web App Cyber Security

    December 20th, 2020 at 18:30 Israel (11:30 AM EST) - Register here

    Here's a great opportunity to hear about how ITC helps you launch a career in the Israeli high-tech industry in the fields of Full-Stack Development or Web App Cyber Security. Register for the zoom event.

    Masa Israel Journey Virtual Fair (in ES, EN & PT)

    ITC Coding Academy te enseña la mentalidad de trabajo de la start-up israelí junto con los lenguajes de codificación y las habilidades tecnológicas más demandadas para la ciencia de datos (aprendizaje automático, NLP, computer vision), seguridad cibernética y desarrollo completo (full-stack dev.). Visítanos en la Feria Virtual de Masa del 18 October 2020.


    Sunday Oct 11th: Create your own web game,
    FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS FROM THE START-UP NATION. Learn HTML, HTML5 & CSS, Suitable for beginners, Sundays 10:00AM - 2:00PM EST (17:00 - 21:00 IL)
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    Online: September 13th, 2020 at 18:00 IDT - 11:00 AM EST
    How to launch an Israeli Full-Stack Developer career from abroad. You can plan your future in high-tech with 5 months training in Startup nation. Join our online info session.


    Sunday, Sept 6th, 2020 at 20:00 IL (1:00 PM EST) - Online
    Hear from Israel Tech Challenge High-tech Academy's graduates regarding their successful transition into the field of Data Science. Sign up today.

    BUILD THE TOOLS OF CYBER DEFENSE: Cyber Software Development

    Sunday, Sept 6th, 2020 at 18:30 IL - Online
    Turn your degree into hands-on software development and programming in the field of Cyber Security Technology. Join us for an info session about the Cyber Software Development and Programming Fellows program starting in October 2020. Sign up today..


    What are the first steps in landing a cyber security development career in Israel, a country known for revolutionizing cyber security? ITC's Tech expert will discuss what programming languages and know-how you'll need to know to succeed in the Israeli cyber security industry. See recording here.

    How the Israeli start-up industry works and why you should care

    June 24th, 2020 18:30 IDT - online
    Join online or on-campus for Israel Tech Challenge's industry lecture: Introduction to the Israeli start-up ecosystem. The terms, the players, and how to navigate job hunting this high-paying industry. Click to request a recording of this event.

    Masa's Post College Opportunities Webinar

    MASA: Post College Opportunities Webinar on Thursday, June 11 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time
    Join us online for Masa Israel Journey info session about Post College Internship and Career training opportunities in israel
    Email to receive the Zoom link

    Mapping Big Data

    Mapping Big Data with Powerful AI

    June 8th, 2020 on Zoom Meetings - DATE CHANGE
    Industry expert Yasha Neiman will explain how we can harness machine learning algorithms to bring order to the chaos - How can we crawl the internet and bring only the relevant content using AI. Request recording.

    Exploring Bias in Machine Learning

    The Ways AI Can Be Racist - Exploring Bias in Machine Learning

    May 27th, 2020 on Zoom Meetings
    Industry expert Morris Alper will explore how machine learning algorithms risk being racist, sexist, and otherwise biased, and what some researchers are doing to try and make AI more fair. See the recording of the event.

    Industry Workshop: Coronavirus vs. Data Science

    Sunday April 26th - Industry expert Morris Alper, Data Scientist at PIPL, will discuss how cutting-edge data science is being used in the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Including examples of machine learning such as ongoing kaggle challenges for tasks of predicting the spread of covid-19, extracting knowledge from scientific papers, and analyzing genome. Get Recording.

    Finding a Mentor in Israeli hi-tech during Coronavirus


    During this period of great uncertainty, don't be afraid to ask for guidance, even in your career. Israel Tech Challenge ITC's  Human Resources manager will share her insights on the importance of mentorship and how to find one in the Israeli hi-tech industry. This event is shared with Olim in Tech. Join us on Zoom on March 31st. at 20:00 (8pm Israel time).

    Online CV & Interview Prep during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Join ITC’s HR manager Orit Lahav as she shares her insights and advice on how to apply for work in Israeli high-tech and how to get your resume to the top of the pile. The event is a shared event with Olim in Tech. Join us March 30th, 2020 at 20:00 (8pm Israel time) on Zoom meetings.

    Weekly ITC Campus Tours

    Our campus tour is ideal for prospective students thinking about joining ITC in 2020. Come visit our campus, meet with our instructors and current students, and hear more about what to expect during the program.

    Mapping Big Data with Powerful AI

    Learn all the tips and tricks on how great AI can make the mapping of Big Data a much simpler task. CTO and Head of Data of InLoop Inc., Yasha Neiman will share his insights into the data science for Big Data.

    Sales Meet HRs

    February 26 at 7PM
    Our in-house HR Manager, Orit Lahav will join an HR panel focused on how Sales and Business Development job seekers should connect, communicate and interview effectively with recruiters.

    Hack Your Future Day

    Thursday, January 30th
    Land your next position in the Israeli high tech! We're proud to introduce you to hack your application within a day - a process that allows all applicants to apply, interview, and receive an admissions decision all in a single day.

    Intro to NLP

    Tuesday, December 10th
    What is Natural Language Processing, why it it interesting, and what are the state-of-the-art results in the field? We will learn how machine learning is applied to solve challenges linked to natural language.

    Data Science Info Session [Livestream]

    Sunday, December 15th
    Join us online to learn more about ITC's course in Data Science and Machine Learning! We will dive into details about the course, the companies we work with and where you can take your career!

    Web Development Trends in 2020

    Tuesday, December 17th
    Come and join us if you are curious and want to be the first to know about the biggest trends that might affect the web development scene in 2020!

    Intro to Data Modeling

    Wednesday, December 18th
    Our "Intro to Data Modeling" lecture will cover the most important concepts in Data Science and Machine Learning. Come join us!

    Info Session - Full-Stack Development

    Sunday, January 12nd
    Join us online to learn more about ITC's course in Full-Stack Development with data specialization! We will dive deeper into the course details, the companies we work with and where you can take your career!

    HTML/CSS Workshop

    Tuesday, January 14th
    Get started with web development with a practical HTML and CSS workshop! This workshop is an introduction to the basics of coding and is intended for people with little to no coding experience or those looking to revisit the basics.

    Everything Women In Tech Should Know About

    Monday, January 20th
    Increasing the number of women in tech is a challenge. When we get to the point where we have to take care of our own interests at work, we tend to make the same mistakes. In this talk we'll discuss how we can change that, from negotiation, to work-life balance and more.

    Data Science Info Session [Online]

    Monday, January 20th
    Join us online to learn more about ITC's course in Data Science and Machine Learning! We will dive into details about the course, the companies we work with and where you can take your career!

    What are HR Managers Thinking

    Tuesday, February 4th
    Are you looking for a job? Or to advance your career? Join our new Talk with the HR Manager of Israel Tech Challenge Orit Lahav, where together we will explore a job candidate's secret sauce that Israeli recruiters seek