Hardware Engineering Cohort Visit Mellanox and Marvell

Hardware Engineering Cohort 6 visit Mellanox and Marvell!

Our philosophy includes inviting our partners collaborate with us during the course of the program, training, teaching and involving industry partners in the design syllabus itself. Based on this philosophy, it was a great experience to visit and train with companies of Mellanox and Marvell’s standards of excellence. This cohort has brought a wonderful and a diverse group of Israeli’s, women and immigrants, each with strong backgrounds in engineering, mathematics and technology. The program is 10 months and broken down into 5 months of intensive training, workshops and projects, and the other 5 months are dedicated to a full-paid internship in leading hi-tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, Intel and more. These are the faces behind our talented hardware engineers first pilot program!

Our incredible Hardware Engineering cohort had an amazing opportunity to visit the Mellanox headquarters in Israel. They took part in hands-on workshops to learn more about what the future of design verification holds for them. They spent 5 days at Mellanox Technologies, experiencing “behind the scenes” of chips design verification through a tour in their labs in Yokneam, meeting engineers and experts. Their training was dynamic and interesting with lectures in the mornings and the afternoons dedicated to practicing. They were introduced to Formal Verification, chip production flows, panels with engineers, lab visits and more.

Ido Bukspan,Vice President of Chip Design shared his views on ITC and Mellanox’s partnership: “Mellanox Technologies is proud to be involved in projects that can bring new talent into the industry from diverse professional and social backgrounds. ITC’s program was designed to meet this challenge. We are looking forward to recruiting its graduates.”

Our cohort were also hosted by Marvell Technology Group at Yokneam for a three day workshop, where they learnt and mastered ARM architecture and practiced programming on microprocessors using the cutting edge of Marvell’s technology. The workshop covered a wide range of Hardware Engineering including an introduction to SOC, basic ARM assembly and ARM architecture, working with memory, operating different DMAs on chip, Raid concepts, and working with JTAG debugger.

Guy Azrad, the General Manager of Marvell Israel came to meet the Fellows and told them about Marvell’s unique place in this industry, and his view on how to become successful Design Verification Engineers.

Soon our talented cohort will impact dramatically the future of semi-conductors in Israel. 

Thank you Mellanox and Marvell for a great learning experience for our Fellows!


For more information on this exciting track, click here


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