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ITC Fellows program - Hardware Engineering - Chip Design Verification track is an elite 2.5-month training course & a 1-month hands-on project for excellent STEM graduates who aspire to launch a rewarding career as Hardware Engineers in hi-tech and be trained by leading companies in the industry such as Apple & Cadence. This program is not offered in 2020, please contact to be added to a waiting list for the next cohort.

  • Applicants must have a mathematical, science or engineering degree (B.Sc. / M.Sc.) from a leading academic institution
  • Applicants must have programming knowledge in one or more of the following languages: Python, Perl, C, C++, Java
  • Applicants must be eligible for an Israeli citizenship according to the Israeli government / Law of return

The selection process for the Fellows program is highly competitive and only 1 out of 10 candidates get accepted. Please note that proven programming experience is a must for enrollment and it will be tested throughout the screening process for the program.

***The course is delivered in English. Applicants must have adequate speaking, reading and writing skills.




"Cadence will be an active partner with ITC and the rest of the industry, to train the students and expose them to the major core verification tools and technologies"
Prof. Ziyad Hanna, VP System and Verification Group at Cadence

“Apple is constantly looking for new Design Verification Engineers to join its Israeli R&D site. This is an excellent starting point for a career at Apple”
Rony Friedman, Manager of Apple Israel



“Mellanox is proud to be involved in projects that can bring new talent into the industry from diverse professional and social backgrounds. ITC's program was designed to meet this challenge. We're looking forward to recruiting its graduates."
Ido Bukspan, VP Chip Design




  • Quality programming
  • Python
  • And more…


  • Hardware verification languages
  • Common verification methodologies
  • Hardware description languages
  • Coverage implementation and analyzing
  • Advanced topics of computer architecture and digital logic design
  • And more...






Online course that will prepare you for the program and includes Python, Linux, and Digital Systems.




Hardware verification languages, common verification methodologies, hardware description languages and more. You’ll get projects to practice your skills and then we put your knowledge to the test with exciting hackathons and group projects.




Gain hands on experience working on a full-time project with leading companies in the field.






  • Submitting your application to ITC’s enrollment team review
  • Solving a technological online test, with a focus on two topics: Coding & Logic
  • Personal and professional video interview for participants who succeed in the test
  • Final application review by an admissions committee


Life & Community

The Fellows program is intended to assemble talented tech-savvy individuals that see it as a unique opportunity to achieve excellence in their tech skills. However, one more important aspect of being a part of the program has to do with your motivation to become part of tech community; alongside career opportunities Israel has to offer, the Fellows program sets to supply you with educational activities, extra-curricular lectures and trips around the country.
We find these activities to be very helpful in terms of breaking the routine, forming strong friendships between the Fellows and basically providing a lot a fun.




Hardware Engineering Track

Not offered in 2020

Sunday - Thursday

Pay nothing until you make it, or pay 44,000₪

Financial Assistance:

  • Income Shared Agreement (ISA): Only pay tuition back when you’re hired. No up front costs, no risks. Read more >>
  • Excellence Scholarships: Scholarships of up to 5,000 ILS for exceptional candidates, based on their experience, credentials and achievements in the screening process. Candidates may apply for a scholarship after completing the screening process. Read More >>
  • Cheryl Saban Scholarship: Scholarship up to 2,500 ILS awarded to exceptional women who apply to ITC’s Fellows program.  Read More >>
  • Ministry of Aliyah and Integration grants for new immigrants in the amount of 7,000 ₪. Read more >>

*The difference in non-Israeli residents’ tuition stems from insurance costs and required bureaucratic arrangement.  Students are responsible for housing and living expenses.


What is the application process like?

Our application process is highly selective. We evaluate technical skills, experience in the industry, personality, career achievement, analytic ability, and more to help judge if each applicant is a good fit for our program but also if our program is a good fit for that applicant. ITC receives hundreds of applications and only selects a few. We require that everyone fills out our short application, take an online test and interviews. Additionally we may have more steps to the process if we are coming down to the last seats and need more information to help us decide.

Why is there a pre-course?

The pre-course is meant to prepare you for the program; it will give you a chance to practice working on various technical assignments, submitting them through ITC's system, and already receiving feedback from the staff. The materials covered by the pre-course are compiled to guarantee that you will get the most out of the training. The Pre-course is a crucial part of your training since most of what you will learn and practice in it will not be taught again in class.

Who are the teachers?

Our staff has vast experience - Either from their army service in IDF’s 8200 Unit or as top professionals in the industry. In addition, about a third of the training in the program is conducted by leading international & Israeli tech companies. The program’s syllabus includes multiple lectures and workshops that have direct relevance to everyday challenges of the tech industry, coming from the actual companies that tackle them.

Is the course intensive?

The program is very intensive - 5 days a week from morning to evening with mandatory attendance. We cover a lot of material over the course of 4 months classroom training. All applicants should be prepared for this kind of curriculum. Time management skills and performance under pressure is a must have for our course and for the industry in general.

What is the Fellows Program Business model?

ITC is a nonprofit organization with a mission to assist the Israeli hi-tech industry to overcome the human capital shortage in needed development positions. In order to fund the course's high costs, ITC charges participation fees from students and placement fees from companies that hire Fellows graduates in long-term contracts (proportional to the graduates' starting salary). ITC is also backed by philanthropic organizations and government grants.