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Business as Usual | Overcoming Covid-19 Challenges

Covid-19 had brought a huge amount of challenges and they usually come by surprise, which makes it even more difficult to stick to the original plan. But here at <itc> we love a good challenge and we were able to open another cohort, and it’s the biggest one we’ve had so far!


The past 7 months were increasingly challenging. Starting with our February cohort doing most of their programs from home, leading to the June cohort being on and off campus and now a new cohort begins during the second wave. We’ve learned so much about how to keep our students engaged, provide them the best possible platform to develop themselves while facing constant change in the ways we are allowed to operate. 

Students were divided into capsules


We’ve formed an array of Zoom users and learned the app to it’s core as it is a replacement to our classrooms(and basically any other room we have on campus). We came up with new online procedures to make sure our students are getting everything they need in the shortest period of time, like adding another week for recap sessions before going off to the company projects.

We also started working with IBM’s SkillsBuild platform to give our students that extra mile that we always talk about. That way they can expand their knowledge with other exciting subjects and fields that are not a part of the syllabus as well as strengthen previously learned skills.

Data Science Fellows getting ready to present their final projects on Zoom


Eventually we came up with a whole new way for us to teach and manage our community during these times and this upcoming cohort is the biggest cohort in the history of <itc>!

Now that’s a challenge, and we’re up for it.

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    I agree to receive information from Israel Tech Challenge

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