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ITC Prepared Me For Anything That’s Out there | Gabe shares his experience working at Ottopia

Right after finishing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in the US, Gabe Gordon decided to make Aliah, join the military and soon later took part in the Full-Stack program at ITC. Today Gabe is the soul Full-Stack expert in his company, Ottopia, and is working on their complex new product interface for autonomous vehicles around the world.

So what got you to study at ITC? 
Well, before coming to Israel I took a few courses in computer science, and since then discovered my passion for the tech world. Seeing the way things were going in the high-tech industry in Israel, I knew I had to gain more experience with coding, and ITC seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.


How was your experience studying at ITC?
I started my path in ITC’s Bootcamp, which really raised my level of understanding proper software coding, and then I joined the Full-Stack program. While taking part the Full-Stack program I mostly enjoyed working together with my new classmates, and I know today that the biggest advantage of the program at ITC was the hands-on workshops and assignments that really pushed me to learn things I use today.


Could you tell us about the work you do at Ottopia?
As of today, I can’t really say too much – since the product has not been released yet to the public, but I can say that I’m helping design the interface that will be used by the info stations targeting data that travels between future autonomous cars and their operators.  I’m proud to call it “my baby” since I’m the only Full-Stack developer currently working in the company and had gotten this product at its earliest stage. I’m hoping that when the product is finally launched tech operators will be able to use the dashboard and online data map that I’m designing today.

After reaching such a great point early in your career, do you have any tips for our future students to use?
I do indeed. During my studies at ITC, I would continuously tell my classmates to not use the method of Copy & Paste when solving home assignments and tasks. It might sound like an obvious thing to say, but since the internet concludes so many solved cases, it’s very easy to look up an answer when you get frustrated with a problem you’re facing. I would say that the number one skill I have taken from ITC, in not giving in and searching for ready-made answers, is learning how to self teach yourself new problems in code. Today this is my strongest tool at work, and I would go as far as to say that I owe my job to it. The software language I’m working on today was not taught at ITC, but thanks to their wide variety of coding classes I took, I was able to quickly adapt to the new material and land my first real job in high-tech.

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