As notified to ITC students, graduates and tech partners, due to the changes in the hi-tech market and the ongoing Iron Swords War, unfortunately all ITC activity and programs have been discontinued until further notice. We kindly recommend interested candidates to look into alternative hi-tech training programs and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


Our loved ITC Alumni are the shining examples of

turning tech hand-on training into successful careers.

Follow their inspiring journeys from our programs

to a thriving path in the high-tech industry.

ITC absolutely changed my career path within 6 months.

Peng Zhang


ITC gave me the knowledge and tools that I needed to complete to work and define my career as a data scientist.

Julieta Staryfurman


What seemed like magic became pure logic, I loved that.

Marc Levinson


The support and invaluable teachings of ITC have empowered me to embark on my career journey with confidence, preparing me to conquer the challenges of the high-tech industry in Israel.

Claudia Palierne


ITC allowed me to transition from my Electronics Engineering degree to a career in Artificial Intelligence and to join a network of future leaders of the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem.

Nathan Cavaglione

CTO at Fairgen

I left the field in which I worked for 15 years and started working in a completely new, fascinating, challenging, and interesting field.

Marina Goldman


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