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We’ve Gone Digital

Following the Israeli government’s decision to cancel all university class attendance, ITC went online in a heartbeat. Thanks to our dedicated team, we were able to quickly create an entire teaching platform that supports ITC students every step of the way.

Our new February cohort has gone through a complete digital transformation, now offering it’s students full support with online group & one-on-one classes, private mentoring, workshops, and home assignments.

Some examples from class:


Hear What The Students Have To Say

Irina Pan | Full-Stack

Hi! My name is Irina Pan and I am a student at ITC now. It turns out that it is not that bad to study remotely! ITC team managed to arrange everything in a very short time. We have the same schedule as we did before – morning lectures, 1 on 1 meetings with our mentors, time for self-study and exercises that we must push to gitHub daily. And I am lucky to be a part of this group! Though the situation may seem complicated, we continue communicating, we call each other, discuss our current topics as we did before going online. And I have more time for sleep! I am 100% satisfied with that. One thing makes me sad – I miss my group mates!


Hillel Feldman | Full-Stack

Even though we have to stay at home because of the coronavirus outbreak, I really enjoy the new way of learning. Learning in front of a computer at home is very convenient and we can voice chat with other students and help each other, and at the same time we have a mentor always available to answer our questions when needed.



Dor Sklar | Data Science

At first, I was skeptical about learning and coding from home. After being introduced to the ‘Zoom’ software, I’m convinced that it successfully became the new (albeit temporary) classroom. The lecturing tech mentor can share his screen, and combined with the powerful Jupyter Notebook our learning and hands-on experience did not diminish! Any questions that might be raised can be immediately seen or heard and addressed right away. Also, if we would like to review the lecture – it’s recorded for us : ) While being at home, the lecturer and the tech leads are not in close proximity, but they are available for questions and can be reached out via different methods. And let’s not forget that travel time to and from the campus is saved up, leaving more time for work! Learning from home is not without some challenges of its own though – I find that it requires even more attention, dedication and responsibility than a regular day at the campus. But when it’s all through, I’m sure we will all look back and say to ourselves that although all that time was at home, it was well spent.


Nissim Hefetz | Data Science 

I’m a morning person 🙂 studying from home enables me to use my productive hours for studying and not for commuting. Also, I can be a bit shay asking questions during the class session, having lectures via zoom enables me the contact the lecturer directly as soon as the question pops up.


Danielle Korn | Full-Stack

At first, I was nervous about coding from home, but I’m loving it. It is quiet and I’m even more focused. Before, coming from Jerusalem to ITC would take me a bit over an hour each way. Now I have been using that time to code and/or exercise.

Normally, I would leave ITC around 8 and then be tired by the time I arrive home. The past few days I have been able to work from 9am-10pm with sustained energy. There are certainly things I miss about being on campus, primarily the social nature and being able to simply holler out a question and receive a response. Nonetheless, I still feel connected to my peers through the Discord forum. Plus, who can complain about coding in slippers? There are upsides to every situation.



At this time, we’d like to wish our readers all the very best and good health!

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