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You no longer need to worry about establishing your own training center –
Syntax is your customized tech training academy!

Syntax for Business provides the most practical hands-on technological training services, courses and workshops. Our service is fully tailored to your needs and is constructed to give the most value possible in the shortest period of time. We will provide you with leading, excellent training instructors and mentors from the industry.

We want to help you with the need to upskill your most valuable asset – your employees.

So what’s the offer?

Our training is mentor-guided and composed of hands-on sessions to allow focused and effective learning experience.

Hands-on technological training services, courses and workshops that are built especially for employees’ technological needs

Training is available either at our beautiful campus in Tel-Aviv, at your offices, or live virtual training.

A glimpse at our core training programs:



Data Analysis

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React Native



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About Us

In the programming world, syntax refers to the spelling and grammar of a coding language. Learning the syntax of a language is the first step of a long and adventurous journey of gaining new knowledge and understanding the language. Likewise, we founded Syntax to accompany organizations and employees with their first steps into new tools, new technologies and new working methods.

Syntax Business, a tech academy for organizations, is a new brand of ITC (www.itc.tech).  ITC is a non-profit that was founded with the mission to tackle the challenge of Israel’s hi-tech shortage of tech human capital. Nowadays, ITC offers tech programs (Full-Stack, Data Science and Cyber Security) that have trained over 900 participants from around the world. ITC has a successful and proven record of helping hi-tech companies by being a powerful source for new tech talent.

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