Free high-tech training programs for Olim

Israel Tech Challenge (ITC) is firmly committed to admitting the most highly qualified students who apply to its programs, making the ITC programs available for anyone looking to gain a new profession in the Israeli high-tech industry.  We can now offer eligible applicants two training  programs for FREE and a discount on our regular full-time programs. The free programs are jointly subsidized by both the Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and ITC.

Launch a career in Israeli high-tech

Front-End Development

3 months part-time study
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - learn to build websites

Program is FREE for qualifying Olim
Classes start November 21st, 2021

Front-end Development

This program is jointly subsidized by the Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and ITC.

For qualifying Olim, see criteria below.

Screening process includes an interview, an English test, an online video test and a tech review of your HTML skills.
See Syllabus

SQL & Data Analytics

3 months part-time study
SQL, BI, and Data Analytics

Program cost is FREE for qualifying Olim
Register for October 10th, 2021 and December 26th, 2021

Data Analytics for Beginners

This program is jointly funded by the Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and ITC.

See the eligibility criteria below.

Screening process includes interview, English test, and an analytical thinking test. Contact us for details.
See Syllabus

Continuing to Full-Stack Development

Once you complete the Front-end Development, you can choose to delve deeper into the world of Web Development and learn Back-end Development.

Back-end Development and Project Placement

After you completed your Front-end Development studies, if you can pass the entry exam you can choose:
FULL-TIME 6 weeks Back-end development studies and 2 months projects at a tech company, with a discounted tuition of 18,000 ILS.
or PART-TIME 3 months back-end development studies only for 15,000 ILS.
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New Immigrants Scholarships for full-time programs

Granted by: The Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration
To whom: New immigrants and returning citizens applying to ITC's full-time programs. Amount: 7,000 ILS


After acceptance and payment, applicants may submit a request to their designated ministry of Aliyah and Integration branch, in order to receive the voucher.

The Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (“Misrad Haklita”) offers new immigrants and returning citizens a Financial Assistance Voucher program, which covers 7,000 ILS (the highest amount possible). 

For more information or questions regarding scholarships please contact info@itc.tech

Are you eligible?

In addition to Israel Tech Challenge’s rigorous screening process, applicants must meet the Ministry of Aliyah’s criteria of being Olim who are:

  • Those over the age of 24 and under the age of 50
  • An immigrant (Oleh, Ezrach Oleh, & Gorer Zechuyot) within 10 years of Aliyah (and who was at least 15 years old upon receiving their Aliyah status).
  • Have not used your training voucher or Minhal-Studentim academic tuition grant. (This program is in lieu of a voucher-supported program and counts as if you are using the voucher. )
  • Those who have basic knowledge of Hebrew – and is either a graduate of Ulpan Alef or has command of Hebrew parallel to that level (maybe be assessed with a brief test).  
To qualify for the monthly stipend, meet the above criteria, as well as meet the following: 
  • Those who are unemployed (or in unskilled work!) OR  those whose professions are not in demand.
  • Those who attend all of the 5 training sessions each week.
To start the program, you will need to pass Israel Tech Challenge’s Screening process which includes an English test, Online Video test, and a personal interview.