Practical Python Programming
Coding Crash course

Practical Python Programming- month-long coding crash course

Intensive Crash Course in Python

Whether you’re considering a career change to Data Science or simply looking to expand your skill set to stand out in the job market,  join us at Israel Tech Challenge Coding Academy to learn one of the most in-demand and popular coding language in the High tech industry today.

The Practical Python Programming is suitable for people with no experience and no knowledge in coding, and are eager to explore the world of coding and programming. The Practical Python introductory course will teach you Python to the level needed to start ITC’s prestigious Data Science Fellowship program and upgrade your career in the high tech industry. This short crash course is taught in 3-4 weeks online with self-study exercises and Q&A sessions with our tech mentors – all in English.

Let's start coding

From Fundamentals to Practical Python

1. Course introduction, what is coding, why should you learn Python?

2. Environment basics:
Python setup, Jupyter notebooks

3. Pycharm, debugging

4. Data types, numbers, variables, casting, and basic operators.

5. Booleans and Python comparison operators.


6. Python statements (if elif, while), for loops, functions basics.

 7. Lists, tuples, dictionaries basics.

8. Strings 1: Indexing and Slicing strings, string slicing, properties, and methods.

9. Strings 2: Basic print formatting, comments, docstrings

10. Wrap up

Practical Python for programming
April 24, 2022
*Subject to change
Daily lessons and exercise sessions
- 5 evenings a week

2,000 ILS