Doria Taught Herself Python & Is Now On Her Way To Be A Data Scientist

From the elite army unit 8200 of the Intelligence Corps, Doria served as an Intelligence Analyst. She went on to complete her Bachelors degree in Life and Medical Sciences (B.S.c) at Tel Aviv University and did her research project on Alzheimers. Doria’s impressive background doesn’t stop there, did you know she taught herself Python, with just a little help form shecodes – and she’s only 25 years old!

Doria is one of the recipients of Cheryl Saban’s Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls grant. She received this grant on the basis of her excellent academic records and motivation. Her academic journey began with her B.S.c, she then started learning Python programming on her own and soon enough decided to shift her career towards the tech sector and learned about Data Science. Doria also worked in Samsung Israel’s R&D center as a Computer Vision Data Labeler.

We sat down with Doria to talk more about her thoughts on the data and tech world – and why it fascinates her!

Why did you decide to join this ITC program? What made you choose ITC over other training providers?

When I looked for more structured training in data science, I got to know a few programs, but after talking to alumni, examining the curriculum and trying to understand which one is the best for me, I got to a conclusion that ITC is the one. From the start, ITC seemed like the most professional and career-driven course that would equip me with the right tools to excel in that field.

What’s one advice you would give aspiring women? How can they get the most out of the ITC experience? 

Although I’m only at the beginning of the program, I think that mentioning the “Impostor Syndrome” would be a good tip. If you managed to study towards the test and interview and got in, you are capable and should believe in yourself from day one. Do your best, and it will be fine. The fact that most of the professionals in the high tech workforce are men should not get in your way and is irrelevant to your future success.

What has been your proudest achievement in this field so far? (A cool project you worked on, a topic you wanted to learn, a challenge you overcame)

I think that my proudest achievement so far is starting from nothing and learning python and computer programming all by myself. Today, sitting as equal among equals in the cohort, with computer science graduates and experienced software engineers, is indeed the most significant challenge I overcame so far.

What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry?

The best part of being a woman in the tech industry is getting women closer to equality. Gender has nothing to do with one’s potential to become a successful tech professional, and the society should start acknowledging that sooner rather than later.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not coding?

I enjoy going to the beach, spend time with my friends, and family and travel whenever it’s possible.

What’s next for you? Where would you love to see yourself in a few years?

I see myself as a Data Scientist, working in the industry and feeling satisfied with my career and life as a whole.

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