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Get ready to fully maximize the world’s leading software development platform! Now as one of two official GitHub Campus Program partner schools in Israel, ITC is strengthening its high-tech programming curriculum, offering our training and now free access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack. This streamlines the move from theoretical into practical skills, as well as gives real-world tools needed in the tech trade. Take a look at what’s inside –


Led by Tech Mentor Yaakov Sela, ITC has been formally approved as a Github Campus Partner School, ensuring that all ITC students will get to enjoy its Professional tools and accounts.
According to Yaakov, “
While training students to use Git has always been a part of the syllabus, we are thrilled to be able to offer students instant access to Github Pro accounts and to the Student Developer pack, enabling them to learn, practice and maximize the use of tools they’ll need once they go out into the workforce. Being a Github Campus partner school means our students have the opportunity to learn and do so much more on a higher level, as they are free to explore an entire gamut of professional tools and services in addition to the material they receive from daily lectures, classwork, and guidance from our tech mentors”.

Here’s what one of our students had to say about working with the GitHub Student Developer Pack:
“It’s a huge package of 50 tools, online courses, and software development services. There are JetBrains, IDEs, our own servers for web hosting, Data Science video tutorials, DevOps, Full-Stack development, machine learning, and basically anything related to computers and computer science. We get free access to tools whose cumulative value is worth hundreds of dollars!”


 Click here to read more about the GitHub Student Development Pack

Still not sure what GitHub is all about? – Watch this short and simple video that will explain it all in a nutshell:





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I agree to receive information from Israel Tech Challenge

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