Pay nothing until you make it.

Land a job at no up-front cost. Only pay tuition once you’re hired.

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Joining one of our fellows program comes at a cost. However, we want students to have confidence in their ability to graduate and land a new job, without worrying about financial aspects of the programs.
Instead of paying tuition, students can choose to join the program with an Income Shared Agreement (ISA) and pay a small percentage of their income only once they are employed, and if they earn more than 13K NIS per month.

Manageable increments

There are no up-front costs required to attend ITC – we only get paid when you do. After you’ve reached the monthly income of 13K NIS, you’ll start paying back 10% of your monthly income over 2 years. Similar programs in the industry cap payments at 2x the cost of tuition, while ITC caps total payment at 1.13X the tuition.

If you don’t find a job or don’t reach the level of income required after finishing the program, you won’t have to pay back your tuition. Alternatively, instead of income-based repayment, you may choose to pay the full tuition of 44K NIS up-front.

Focus on class, not costs.

The Income Shared Agreement (ISA) allows you to focus on what matters the most: your training and placement. Joining the program also means you’ll get to learn from the most knowledgeable companies in your industry, network with peers who might become your next colleagues or business partners, and get access to additional services such as career coaching training, job opportunities, and financial advice. No one wants you to succeed as much as we do.

“I chose the ISA model ITC offered as it allowed me to focus entirely on my studies and landing the right job, without worrying about financial aspects. According to me, it’s one of the best ways to achieve great success!”


Fawzi Sarji

Design Verification Fellows Alumni 2018

Frequently asked questions

We are using an ISA model (Income Share Agreement). ISA is an innovative funding method that enables people to start their career at no up-front cost. Instead of paying tuition when starting a course, students focus on classes and finding a job – while agreeing to pay back 10% of their salary for two years, only once they are making more than 14K NIS a monthly.

Yes, there is both a payment cap and a maximum amount of monthly payments. Similar programs in the industry cap payments at 2x the cost of tuition, while ITC caps total payment at 1.13x the tuition. There is also a maximum of 24 monthly payments, even without reaching the payment cap.

Students working and earning above 14K NIS will have to pay back a subset of their earnings to cover the tuition costs. However if a student isn’t working, there aren’t any penalties or fees.

We believe access to education should be universal and financing should not be a barrier to economic empowerment. We believe in the model of ISA (Income Share Agreements) and its power to increase access to the tech industry for people with the right talent and aspirations, no matter the background they come from.

We are partnering with Spark Innovation who will assist students in the ISA process, including all contracts, documentation and tracking of the participants hiring process.

Just fill out the form, and we will make sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Spark Innovation generates and operates Success Based Financing
using ISAs (Income Share Agreements). ISA is a novel funding
method that enables people to start their career at no up-front cost.