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International Women’s Day on ITC

In honor of International Women’s Day, which we celebrated on March 8th, ITC celebrated together with the rest of the world.

We focused on the place, status, and situation of women in the high-tech industry in Israel. Women are unfortunately a real minority in the high-tech industry, and we wondered together what might be the reasons that so many females grown-up without seeing technology as a career path open to them.

In this conversation, we were happy to find that ITC has a high number of a female alumnus – specifically 40%, making ITC a strong influencer on gender mapping in the high-tech industry.

We were honored to hear from Eden Adler, who is an ITC alumni and activist in empowering other women in tech. She came to speak to us about her personal experience as an ITC student and developer in the high-tech industry. Thanks to Eden, we had a chance to hear some first-hand experience, and think deeply about what we can do differently to make a change in ourselves and others, and of course, ultimately the industry.

This session was only one small step in thinking and creating equality in the high-tech industry, something that is deeply important to us as ITC.

We want to thank Eden Adler for joining and inspiring us, all of our male students who joined the session to become partners in the fight, and most importantly, all of our female students for working hard to push boundaries and follow their dreams!

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