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Find a Fitness Friend: Fitness Tech Challenge Hackathon at ITC

Always on the top of New Year’s resolution lists worldwide you’ll find ‘getting into shape or improving health’. January is the month with the highest new gym membership subscription rates.

It’s only fitting (pun intended) for students who chose to include ‘upgrade or launch my career in high-tech’ on their New Year’s resolutions list to have a chance at hacking the Fitness Tech market. The adage “there’s an app for that” doesn’t mean that all solutions to help maintain fitness and health have been realized. The Winter 2022 cohort of Data Science and Full-Stack Development really showed us their creativity, alongside their technological know-how!

Winners of the Israel Tech Challenge – Fitness Tech Hackathon 2022

Though all of the competing groups came up with great and exciting ideas, one stood out for its market readiness. The winning team’s project helps users get motivated to exercise by joining teams they already know from real life (friends, work colleagues, family), getting team fitness challenges, and competing against other team members. When relevant, to make it even more fun and competitive, you can place bets on your win and make money! To allow heterogeneous teams and make the competitions fair, the app adapts the challenges to an individual’s fitness level.

The winning team included: Lior Azar, Joaquin Kaplan, Naomi Henoch, Dennis Goldberg, Samuel Nataf, and Sarah Marciano.

There’s nothing like a running buddy and your mom to nag you to get up from the sofa.

Thanking the Fitness Tech expert judges

The Fitness Tech hackathon included mentors and judges who live and breathe this industry. We’d like to thank them for their tremendous help!

Udi Ben-Baron – VP Product at Vi
Rachel Yarcony – Goldstein – Founder & CEO at myAir Smart Wellness
Kyla Blumenfeld – Head of Media Relations at Lumen
David Pilnik – Founder at Fitback
Shlomi Meiner – Founder at Easy Coach
Tamir Faibish – Software Engineer at IBM
Rafael Ozeri – Team Leader at Fitto

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    I agree to receive information from Israel Tech Challenge

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