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Alumni Coronavirus Project declares a Winning Team!

In response to the outbreak of Covid-19, Israel Tech Challenge high-tech academy took the opportunity to do something truly extraordinary and gathered graduates into teams to work on solving big issues caused by the pandemic. In a matter of weeks, the dedicated teams – supported by  our hard-working tech mentors and tech-leads – came up with brilliant ideas to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Below are the projects! 


The Corona Games
This team worked to assess whether a patient has Covid-19 based on their chest x-ray. The team created an application that would allow users to upload their x-rays and get immediate feedback on any abnormalities.They chose to leverage autoencoding architecture for anomaly detection. In doing so, the autoencoder-based convolutional neural network was able to learn and reconstruct healthy chest x-rays. The group concluded that their network will have difficulty recreating x-rays from Covid-19 patients but would still be able to identify the ones that belonged to the sick. Today The Corona Games team hopes to be able to build a more accurate model and include a function that can be used to identify other specific diseases.

Social Levenshtein Distancers
This group chose to create an application that would allow users to sort through large quantities of medical journals in search of any information that might be helpful in finding a cure or treatment for the Coronavirus. The Social Levenstein Distancers used data from Kaggle and BioXriv that allowed them to create a beautiful landing page for their application.


The Survivor Hawks
In a successful partnership with the Jewish Agency, The Survivor Hawks began to build a user-friendly application that would allow users to report any sort of anti-semitic incident’ that they witness or experience, over to local Jewish Agency representatives, with emergency services. The application also allows users to report other emergencies as well, along with giving users the ability to connect to other Jews around the world for philanthropic or entrepreneurial endeavors. Today ITC looks forward to being able to continue this partnership and working with the Jewish Agency on this incredible initiative!


After presenting to a panel of 4 professional judges from the industry, the team that was chosen to be in the first place was The Covid Librarians!


The Covid Librarians – Our Winners!

This group chose to create an application that would cluster similar scholarly articles to help decision-makers get a glimpse into research that might help in the fight against Corona. Given the large number of literature and the rapid spread of COVID-19, it is difficult for health professionals to keep up with new information on the virus and more so to have a good overview of what the researcher had done about vaccines and therapeutics in regards to coronaviruses.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic panel of judges that gave us truly insightful feedback during the project presentations!

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I agree to receive information from Israel Tech Challenge

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