Coding Bootcamps in Israel

Coding Bootcamps for Olim What are They Good for?

Why do especially Olim need a web development bootcamp as part of their acclimation process in Israeli high-tech industry?

Welcome to Israel. Now that you have reached your long-sought destination, it is time to plan your and your family’s future in the Holy Land. Israel, as the Start-up nation with Tel Aviv nicknamed ‘Silicon Wadi’, offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities in some of the world’s leading tech companies. This is your opportunity to join the forces that lead innovation today around the world and take part in the tremendous success of the Israeli high-tech industry.

Leverage the advantages offered by ITC

We at Israel Tech Challenge (ITC) provide you with some of the leading experts in the high-tech professions and accompany you all the way from the comprehensive training process to integration into the leading companies in the market. Many of our graduates are spearheading the technologies of tomorrow and enjoy the prosperity and opportunities that the startup world can provide. At our tech bootcamp, on an exceptional campus in the heart of Tel Aviv, you can acquire high skill in smart technologies and receive assistance that will answer all your needs for an optimal integration process in the industry.

Why choose us?

All of our program’s instructors are highly skilled in information systems and computer applications. The entire training is conducted in English and includes a placement process that will ensure your integration into leading high-tech companies. Do not miss this one. This is a golden opportunity to build your future in Israel today and join our thousands of graduates who have already made a living for themselves in Israel’s high-tech world.

To start today to acquire a new and lucrative profession in Israel, contact us today and learn about all the options that await you.

You can also get a glimpse of our programs right here

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    I agree to receive information from Israel Tech Challenge

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