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Any Questions?| Full-Stack Alumni Panel

Last month, two of our ITC Graduates from our February 2020 cohort, Alex Bloom and Danielle Korn, joined our current October 2020 students for a Q&A session all about life after ITC.

They spoke all about their transition from ITC student into full-stack developers, giving our current students a chance to hear about what they can expect in the next stage of their careers.

Both Alex and Danielle had no real technical experience before coming to ITC, but both knew that they wanted to make the transition to development, so they joined our program. After making their way through the program, they were both hired by the company at which they did their projects and were able to give our students some insight into what a day in their life looks like. 

While their day to day looks different in their respective companies, they both expressed that they find themselves using the skill of self-teaching they had the chance to learn while at ITC.

(Caption: Daniiele Korn, ITC Graduate, February 2020 Cohort)

Both Alex and Danielle spoke about how they find themselves facing imposter syndrome which is very common in new developers but have found confidence in knowing that they made it through ITC and were able to learn so much in such a short amount of time.

(Caption: Alex Bloom, ITC Graduate, February 2020 Cohort)

When asked about starting a new job and working through Covid, they both spoke of the importance of being active in reaching out to co-workers and mentors. While it might seem intimidating, they have both found that people were excited to hear from them and happy to help or even just meet for a virtual coffee. 

When the floor was opened for the October students to ask both Alex and Danielle questions about their experiences, students asked questions about their projects, their interview process, and even how to find a professional mentor within your company. This gave them the chance to understand what to expect out of the next few months and helped them understand how to better prepare for both their projects and work-life after ITC.

To hear more about Alex and Danielle’s experience and the advice they gave our soon to be graduate, check out the full Q&A session here:

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