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10 Reasons to Start Coding in 2020

Coding is no longer just a buzzword in the high-tech industry, it has officially become one of the most sought-out skills in the market. Aside from the high demand for coding skills in companies, learning to code has many benefits and advantages. By improving your coding skills, you will become quicker in many other aspects of your job (and life!) and develop a digital fluency that will strengthen your resume and jump-start your career. If you have had any doubts about what coding is all about and why it should be your next career move, read on and <start coding>. 


1. Code is everywhere

Learning to code does not have to be as daunting as learning a new language. In fact, coding is a technology language, and just like any language, code is all around us and it impacts our lives on a daily basis. We code everyday without even realizing it. It is the language used to create technology, apps and websites. Learning new languages helps boost your logic skills, creativity and problem solving abilities. 


2. Expand your network

When learning a new skill, it is often a lot easier to do so with others who share the same passion and energy as you. The coding communities are supportive, approachable and constantly growing. Joining various meetups, online groups and asking questions will help take your career to the next level and open doors to expand your network. 


3. Make your CV more attractive

The path to learning how to code is an exciting one with many ups and downs. However, taking on the challenge is already a step in the right direction. You’ll learn a new way of thinking through problem solving and begin to see the world differently. Those skills will set you apart from the rest and make your CV more attractive to companies. 


4. Work from anywhere

The life of digital nomads and the concept of remote work is increasingly popular and attractive. With coding skills, all you’ll need to work is a stable internet connection and a computer. Imagine yourself traveling and working at the same time; sitting in your favorite spots, and getting paid too.


5. Solve real problems

Nowadays, applications are being created for problems we never even knew we had or challenges that are new to our lives. Coding skills are crucial to design solutions to make our lives easier. The code you’ll write can disrupt technology boundaries, contribute to predictions, algorithms, designs, or customer experience. Check out some projects done by our graduates in various domains at real companies, solving real problems. 


6. Make a reality out of your ideas

Have lots of ideas? Perhaps just one that you are super passionate about? Coding skills give you the power to bring your ideas to life. This is an opportunity for you to pursue your passion projects and have the freedom to customize, design, change and build it exactly how you imagine it to be. 


7. Bringing diversity in tech

There is no gender, race, age bias as you cannot tell who the code. The gender gap in technology is still skewed, however, the percentage of women entering and dominating the field is constantly increasing. Not only are women entering the field, kids are learning to code using various apps and tools on smartphones, tablets and computers. 


8. Lucrative job option 

Developers are in high demand all around the world. Just in Israel, there is a shortage of more than 10,000 positions! As a result of the shortage of talented professionals in the field, the salaries for software developers are considerably high and competitive. If you have been on the fence on whether it is the right career move, this is definitely the right time to learn coding. 


9. Be someone’s inspiration

You can be someone else’s inspiration to learn to code. And how cool is that? For various reasons, a lot of people are intimidated by the prospect of learning software development. You can change that by showing them that anyone, anywhere, can learn how to code.


10. Anyone can do it 

There are many channels you can explore to learn software development  depending on your preference and style. If structure, routine, and an available tutor is what you need, joining a bootcamp is  the right option for you. If you are more of the self-motivated type and prefer to learn online from the comfort of your home, there are several courses that suit many levels and needs. It doesn’t take several years or cost thousands, you just need to find the right framework for yourself. 


Coding is not just about being in front of a screen all day, it is a valuable skill to have no matter what field you want to go into. The more you tap into those skills, the closer you will get to further creating and contributing to the technology we use today and tomorrow. If you haven’t started coding, what are you waiting for?


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